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How It Works

Our industry-based assessments measure your organization's data and analytics capabilities against a maturity model and peers in your industry. They are a great way to quantify the value of your program, identify and prioritize capability gaps, benchmark against peers, and educate your team about best practices.   

The assessments are free, anonymous, and comprehensive. Each assessment is reviewed and governed by an oversight board of industry experts.  Currently, we have a benchmark assessment for the insurance industry with additional industries planned. We also offer a generic assessment suitable for organizations in any industry. Contact us for more information.

The assessments are not surveys; they are team-based projects geared to enterprise data and analytics teams. To participate, your team needs to have a Sponsor and a Team Lead who coordinates your team's responses. (See below.) 

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for a team to complete the assessment, depending on the coordination approach. As a baseline, An individual can complete the assessment in less than one hour of uninterrupted time.   
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How to Start

1. Designate a Team Sponsor

  • Who authorizes the assessment

  • To review results

2. Appoint a Team Lead

  • To coordinate your team's responses

  • Submit the assessment

3. Contact us to:

  • Discuss how to best take the assessment

  • Obtain a link to start

Step by Step


Team sponsor/lead contacts us to obtain link


Team lead registers for the assessment 


Team lead reviews assessment pages and assigns them to colleagues.



Team lead invites colleagues and leaves instructions.

Invite Button.jpg


Team lead submits assessment once all questions are answered. 

IDB Pages Image.jpg


All team participants receive online benchmarking report via email.

Interactive Dashboard Thumbnail.jpg

The second page of the online report enables respondents to apply filters to compare their scores against a peer group. 

Experience the Assessment

Take a short sample assessment to experience our collaborative benchmarking platform. See how to answer questions, invite colleagues, filter data, leave comments, export questions, among other things.  

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