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Benchmark Assessment for Insurance

How does your data & analytics program stack up against insurance peers?

Insurance runs on data. It's the raw material for new and innovative insurance products as well as core processes, such as underwriting, risk, sales, marketing, and more.  

It has never been more important for insurance companies to excel at generating insights and value with data and analytics. It is a great way to evaluate the maturity of your data & analytics program, prioritize areas for improvement, and benchmark against insurance peers.
The insurance benchmark assessment was tailored to meet the needs of insurance companies with unique filters and questions.

The assessment is sponsored by the Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA) and reviewed by an
 Oversight Board of insurance data and analytics executives.
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No Cost to Participate

Anonymous and Comprehensive

12 categories, 44 subcategories, 248 questions

Business and Culture                   Data Analysis
Operating Model                           Data Science
Development                                  Value
Data Governance                           Organization & Technology
Data Management                        Insurance-Specific
Business Intelligence                    Open-Ended
Online Assessment Report

Team-based and Collaborative

Insurance Oversight Board

Team-Based & Collaborative


This is not a survey; it's a collaborative  project geared to enterprise data & analytics teams in the insurance industry.  


Before you start, you need to appoint a team lead who will coordinate your team's responses and submit the assessment.  Then you need to contact us to obtain a link to take the assessment. 

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for a team to complete the assessment, depending on the coordination approach. An individual can complete the assessment in less than one hour of uninterrupted time.   

Insurance Industry Partner


IDMA members receive a 25% discount on Private Benchmark Workshops. 

Insurance Oversight Board

The Insurance Oversight Board reviews assessment questions, models, and protocols and is instrumental in creating a valid instrument for benchmarking data & analytics capabilities. Click their name to read their bios.  
Marichelle Tanag.jpeg
Srini Sankar.jpeg
SPS Headshot.jpg
Marichelle Tanag 
Head of Data Management Practices and Controls
Peter Bothwell 
Managing Director, Data Science

AF Group

Outgoing President, IDMA

Srinivasan Sankar
Enterprise Data Leader

The Hanover Insurance Group

Sandi Perillo-Simmons
Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Strategy & Governance


Executive Committee, IDMA

Peter Bothwell.jpeg
Christopher Weis 
Enterprise Data Engineering
Standard Insurance
Kurt Thearling 
Data Science Expert
Thearling Analytics
KThearling cropped.JPG
Kathleen Maley 
Analytics Center of Excellence Expert
Maley Analytics
Kathleen Maley.jpg
IDMA Anchor
Insurance Filters

Filters that respondents apply to aggregate data in the online report to select peer groups for benchmarking. 

Insurance Filters
Primary Line - What is the primary line of business that your data & analytics team supports? (Select one)
  • Enterprise - More than one below

  • Commercial P&C

  • Personal P&C

  • Specialty P&C

  • Life & Annuities

  • Health

  • Reinsurance

  • Brokers/Agents


All Lines. Check all lines of business that your data & analytics team supports? (Select all that apply.) 

  • Commercial P&C

  • Personal P&C

  • Specialty P&C

  • Life & Annuities

  • Health

  • Reinsurance

  • Brokers/Agents

  • Other

Revenues - What are the annual revenues of the primary line of business that your data & analytics team supports? (Select One)
  • Very Large - $10B+ revenues

  • Large - $5B-$10B revenues

  • Medium - $1B-$5B revenues

  • Small - $100M-$1B revenues

  • Very Small - <$100M revenues

Primary Region - What is the primary region that your data & analytics team supports? (Select One)  
  • Global
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South/Central America 
  • Middle East/Africa
Representation - What part of the organization does your data & analytics team represent? (Select One.)
  • The enterprise

  • A business unit or division

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